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Stick Together: Differences Reinforce Identity

Hayato’s presentation today on racism in political campaign ads reminded me of this commericial, which ran during the 2011 special election to fill California’s 36th Congressional District seat. In this ad, Democrat Dan Adler positions himself as a candidate who is uniquely qualified, based on his multicultural family, to represent a mosaic of minority interests. … Continue reading

Needle in a Haystack

There’s so much information around us now that, unlike before where we had to extract information, we have to sort out relevant data from all the noise. Therefore the power of media is now not only “determining” what is important, but what is not. http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/201303282113-0022643 On Tuesday, President Obama signed a bill that protects companies … Continue reading

Matchmaking the Unmatched Society

In 2010, a pretty young girl who was a contestant on a popular Chinese matchmaking show, gave a spontaneous remark on how she would choose her husband, ‘I’d rather be crying in a BMW than laughing on a bicycle.’ Her response and other similar declaration went viral on the internet, generating a storm of angry … Continue reading

What civility looks like

  Photo: Ariana Cubillos/Associated Press   Last week, The New York Times published a piece discussing the results of a study measuring “the nasty effect” of uncivil conversation online. Apparently, audiences that are exposed to readers’ comments that use cuss words and derogatory language change their perception on the issue at hand. There is little that … Continue reading