Media as Activism

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Troy Library: Book Burning Party

Back by popular request, a video chronicling the saving of a library in Troy, Michigan. Their ad campaign highlights the significance of finding the right responsive chord: people are more morally adverse to burning books than paying higher taxes. It’s also a great example of framing–changing the frame to change the conversation. Savvy use of … Continue reading

The Internet in Society

Here’s the link to the video I showed in class last week, and below it is the link to the full speech (by Evgeny Morozov) http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Uk8x3V-sUgU http://www.thersa.org/events/video/archive/evgeny-morozov—the-internet-in-society-empowering-or-censoring-citizens A controversial figure who brings food for thought, I would not say that I agree with all that he mentions. For example, he says that dictators don’t fear … Continue reading

GOP’s Mixed Messaging on Gay Marriage

The past few weeks have been particularly tumultuous for the country on the topic of gay rights.  On March 15 Rob Portman, a Republican Senator from Ohio, became the first Republican Senator to publicly assert his support for gay marriage (motivated mostly by his son’s admission that he is gay).  Less than two weeks later, … Continue reading