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The Movement Next Time

By Bill Zimmerman  I’m fed up with people who lived through the Sixties as I did but ask plaintively why political activists don’t flood the streets now as they did then. They don’t remember that when the first lunch counter sit-ins began in 1960, few of us thought that the mere handful of black college students … Continue reading

The Sabermetricians: The Digital Innovations that Win Campaigns

BY NATE COHN Over the last ten years, political campaigns have become extraordinarily sophisticated. New technology and an eagerness to identify and exploit the slightest competitive edge have turned campaign strategy into a number-crunching, detail-oriented science. Campaign coverage, on the other hand, has remained mainly concerned with unsubstantiated assertions and campaign lore: the attacks, the … Continue reading

Matchmaking the Unmatched Society

In 2010, a pretty young girl who was a contestant on a popular Chinese matchmaking show, gave a spontaneous remark on how she would choose her husband, ‘I’d rather be crying in a BMW than laughing on a bicycle.’ Her response and other similar declaration went viral on the internet, generating a storm of angry … Continue reading