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Troy Library: Book Burning Party

Back by popular request, a video chronicling the saving of a library in Troy, Michigan. Their ad campaign highlights the significance of finding the right responsive chord: people are more morally adverse to burning books than paying higher taxes. It’s also a great example of framing–changing the frame to change the conversation. Savvy use of … Continue reading

Stick Together: Differences Reinforce Identity

Hayato’s presentation today on racism in political campaign ads reminded me of this commericial, which ran during the 2011 special election to fill California’s 36th Congressional District seat. In this ad, Democrat Dan Adler positions himself as a candidate who is uniquely qualified, based on his multicultural family, to represent a mosaic of minority interests. … Continue reading

Star Trek and Social Media

It seems as if up-and-coming politicians are learning from the mistakes of campaign pasts and making social media an integral part of their communications strategy. Cory Booker, who is not new on the political scene but recently hailed as the Democratic Party’s rising star, uses social media constantly to interact with his followers, and urges … Continue reading