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Media as Activism

The Internet in Society

Here’s the link to the video I showed in class last week, and below it is the link to the full speech (by Evgeny Morozov)



A controversial figure who brings food for thought, I would not say that I agree with all that he mentions. For example, he says that dictators don’t fear the internet and actually use it as a tool to crush dissent – rulers before had to torture people to get information but now they just need to go on facebook or twitter. While the internet can be used as a method of suppressing dissent, rulers do so also because they fear the population. It is worthy to note that his speech came before the Arab Awakening and while such revolutions may not have institutionally changed anything at all and that it wasn’t facebook or twitter that “caused” or “allowed” such protests to occur (since demographic, historical, cultural factors were also in play), I would find it hard to argue against the internet having been an additional and significant platform of communication for the uprisings across the Middle East.



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