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Social Media and Real-Time Diplomacy

An interesting watch; excerpts from a speech by Philip Seib, a professor at the University of Southern California, on real-time diplomacy in the era of social media.


Very interesting comments made about the use of social as a method of free communication that easily expands with earned media. For example, Seib mentions that “Doctors Without Borders” no longer needs to rely on BBC to get their information as to where they should move into, but instead able to rely on social media to get faster, and sometimes more accurate, information. They can also then rely on social media to connect with communities and expand their agenda, and of course as more noise is made, formal media outlets would pick up; this is earned media. Other comments by Seib are just as interesting, with significant political implications. Only after understanding how social media works in the field of diplomacy, can one hope to use it for their own (hopefully benign) interests.



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