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New Media and Big Data

Data as a Resource

“IBM Chairman, President, and CEO Ginni Rometty discusses the use of “big data” and the ways in which organizations are learning to compete in a new landscape.”

Watch: ~07:20 to 15:30 (esp from 14:00 and after, although I highly recommend watching the entire thing)


One major implication of “big data” that is available to the public is, as Rometty mentions, “the death of average.” No longer is information confined to states and county’s or to sub-communities, but information can be targeted down to the individual level; the “you.” This was seen in President Obama’s re-election campaign, where statistical methods were no longer based on averages of community characteristics, but based on the characteristics of individuals (meaning statistically generated results for every individual).

Of course, this can be then used in other “campaigns” such as managing a firm’s public relations, product placement and advertising; “marketing” as a form of “campaigning” can now, with the availability of big data and social media networks, all be targeted down to the individual. With information about You being available, no longer will You be put under general categories based on “averages” and “stereotypes.”

What will this then say about the future of social interactions and culture?



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