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Needle in a Haystack

There’s so much information around us now that, unlike before where we had to extract information, we have to sort out relevant data from all the noise. Therefore the power of media is now not only “determining” what is important, but what is not. http://stream.aljazeera.com/story/201303282113-0022643 On Tuesday, President Obama signed a bill that protects companies … Continue reading

Gingrich, the twit of Twitter

Reflecting on Michelle’s in-class presentation on the use of Twitter in the last campaign, I remembered this excellent Daily Show segment about Newt Gingrich and his failed grasp of Twitter during the 2012 Election cycle. Michelle in fact pointed out in her presentation that Gingrich did poorly in his use of the social media platform. … Continue reading

How Well Do Online Advertisers Know Us? Not At All, New Study Says

At this point, it is a somewhat universally known, if not happily accepted, fact that online advertisers watch our activity on the Internet and then claim to know the kind of people we are.  However, new research out from Seattle firm Enliken suggests that the inferences they’re drawing can be wrong over half the time. The survey … Continue reading

“Super Pac” in Presidential Campaign

May 17, 2012   G.O.P. ‘Super PAC’ Weighs Hard-Line Attack on Obama   By JEFF ZELENY and JIM RUTENBERG WASHINGTON — A group of high-profile Republican strategists is working with a conservative billionaire on a proposal to mount one of the most provocative campaigns of the “super PAC” era and attack President Obama in ways that Republicans have so far … Continue reading


A brief response to the movie “No” (2012). Background: Based on an unpublished play, the movie centers around the 1988 Chilean national plebiscite; a national referendum to determine whether Augusto Pinochet would be allowed to extend his rule for another eight year term. Citizens would either vote “Yes” or “No,” and although many at first … Continue reading

Data as a Resource

“IBM Chairman, President, and CEO Ginni Rometty discusses the use of “big data” and the ways in which organizations are learning to compete in a new landscape.” Watch: ~07:20 to 15:30 (esp from 14:00 and after, although I highly recommend watching the entire thing)   One major implication of “big data” that is available to … Continue reading

Matchmaking the Unmatched Society

In 2010, a pretty young girl who was a contestant on a popular Chinese matchmaking show, gave a spontaneous remark on how she would choose her husband, ‘I’d rather be crying in a BMW than laughing on a bicycle.’ Her response and other similar declaration went viral on the internet, generating a storm of angry … Continue reading

Senator Ashley Judd?

Political outlets have recently been buzzing with speculation that actress Ashley Judd will challenge Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell in his bid for re-election. If the reports are true then this will place the Hollywood actress directly in the crosshairs of a Republican machine dedicated to recapturing the Senate and protecting one of the their … Continue reading

Star Trek and Social Media

It seems as if up-and-coming politicians are learning from the mistakes of campaign pasts and making social media an integral part of their communications strategy. Cory Booker, who is not new on the political scene but recently hailed as the Democratic Party’s rising star, uses social media constantly to interact with his followers, and urges … Continue reading

The Prince, politicians, and public opinion

Mainstream common wisdom tells us that the American public cares deeply about the moral fiber of their elected representatives. The average voter is said to take an interest in the virtues and vices of a politician’s personal life because there is a belief that good virtue is necessary to create good governance. But I wanted … Continue reading